Frequently Asked Questions




  • Does the cabin have electricity and running water?

    Yes. We have a modern facility with electrical and indoor plumbing!

  • Why is there a fee for showers?

    We have to conserve all of our resources up here, especially the energy to heat water. The fee (payable upon reservation) offsets our costs for maintaining the power supply and ensuring there’s enough for us and all of our visitors.

  • Why is there a fee for sheets or sleeping bag liners?

    Guests are required to bring (or purchase on site) their own sleeping bag liner or sheets and pillow case if they choose. Sleeping bags are also fine. Bedding such as blankets, pillows and comforters are on hand in ample quantity. Due to our energy and water conservation efforts, and limited availability of said resource, washing sheets after every stay just isn’t possible. This system allows for a sustainable and clean experience for all.

  • Does the cabin have WiFi?

    We have Starlink in case you need to get online or make a call. This is still the backcountry and service can drop after a good snow or just because for no reason at all.

  • In case of emergency, how would we get out or first responders get to us?

    911!, Ouray County has backcountry emergency services accessible by calling 911.

    In the winter, we are on a wilderness footing and as such EMS may not be able to reach you in a timely fashion. Helicopter rescue may be needed and is possible.


  • Is smoking allowed?

    There is no smoking inside the Lodge. You are welcome to smoke anything you like outside. Please be respectful of the shared air and taking care of your trash.

  • Is hunting allowed?

    Yes, with appropriate license for GMU #65 and in season, of course.

  • Are firearms allowed?

    No, except for the express purpose of hunting. NO target shooting!

  • Can we build a fire?

    Yes, if there are no open fire restrictions for the Uncompaghre National Forest then you are welcome to build a fire in the designated fire pit.

  • What can we expect for weather in the summer?

    It can be amazing and warm but be prepared for rapidly changing conditions that could include rain, hail, snow, wind, and lightning. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Have good rain gear and solid footwear. The rule of thumb is to over prepare and shed layers as needed.

  • What can we expect for weather in the winter?

    It’s cold up here, but that’s why you’re coming. The sun will be strong! Bring all your best gear and be prepared to change your layers up often. Count on getting wet if you’re out in the elements, and count on a warm, dry place to retreat when it’s absolutely dumping snow!

  • How do we get there?

    We share detailed instructions by season and mode of transportation on Plan Your Trip.

  • How much are weddings at Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge?

    Click here to learn more about our outdoor weddings in the backcountry. And contact Eric to personally discuss availability and a custom pricing package that captures the experience you expect to have.